Remington Hot Springs 4/1/13

Since we had so much fun the first time at the Remington Hot Springs along the Kern River we decided to head out there again for a second time. Yup. Two times in a row, but this time we didn’t forget to bring the camera. We took the (aprox.) 4 hour drive out to the Kern for a day of soaking in one of the coolest places to soak at.

When we got there the hot tubs only had a few people soaking for about an hour or so until we had the place to ourselves. We soaked all day long and met tons of people that came and went throughout the day. The river level rose a little bit from the last time we were there but all the tubs were still above the water and weren’t submerged from the overflowing river just yet. We met some interesting people on this trip from Asian tourists, to hitchhiking “free spirited” bums stuck in 1970, to nudist families, to the locals that show up everyday.

The tubs were in good shape but once the locals came to party at the tubs they didn’t think the cleanliness of the pools were up to their standards so they began to drain each pool individually so they could scrub them to death in order to soak in some crystal clear (not like it wasn’t clear enough before) water.

We left around dusk once the crowds started to show up. Every tub was full of people around this time so we thought it would be a good time to bail. We won’t be back until next winter because the summer crowds here suck and who wants to party with screaming babies and trash that consumes the place from people that don’t give two shits about mother nature. Once winter hits, we’ll be back for some more hardcore soaking.

Don’t forget to peep the pictures below as well as the video edit we made. This was our first time using a new camera we had just bought so we are still learning how t ouse all the HD settings. Don’t forget to watch it in HD!

Remington hot springs along the kern rivercleaning remington hot springs california art on the remington hot springs tubs children of the earth remington hot springs california Remington hot springs during spring time kern river in the spring no diving sign kern river hot springs hottest tub along the kern river remington hot springs paradise soaking with a view of kern river art on kern river hot springs californiasoaking in hot tubs along kern river

Kern River Hot Springs 1/15/13

On this trip we decided to head out past the grapevine and over to the dangerously majestic kern river. This romp was very last minute so we only brought the essentials, beer money and food. By the time we left the nearest town with a pack of PBR and a large pizza we were at the springs in no time. The hike down to the tubs takes less than 5 minutes but by then our pizza was already cold. This place has 4 tubs to soak in but since the river is so low during the winter time a more secluded 5th tub appeared a few feet upstream which was pretty small and warm.

These tubs were all cemented in by the locals and are covered in little pebbles, crystals, and buttons which are organized in all kinds of artsy designs. We would have taken more pictures but we only brought our phones so enjoy the poor quality pics below. We didn’t bring any video recording devices of any sort since it was so last minute so there will be no video for this trip as well.

Since we went on a weekday during winter time the place was pretty empty and only had a few people visiting for short periods of time throughout the day until the evening when a few locals came down to soak the night away. You always meet interesting people at natural hot springs and most of the time they’re always nice as long as you’re respectful. Not too much happened on this trip except for the fact that we soaked for 5 hours straight, only getting out to grab another beer or to drain the main vein. Nothing beats soaking in a natural hot spring in the middle of nature. The first romp of 2013 was a success as they always are.

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